Saturday, June 25, 2011

A View From My Youth #1

  It has been said that most humans do not recall much, if any at all, of their memories prior to the first two years of life. I like to think that it's because there wasn't really much to remember. I for one do not wish to remember sitting around in my own excrement while getting talked down to in baby voices. After all I have blurry memories of nights drinking heavily to remember that by. Like a lot of species our first memories are encouraged by our environment, our surroundings. I loved my surroundings growing up.
  I remember that at an early age I was frightened of the mice mascots at The Organ Grinder. Eventually I grew out of that. The memories of it being a treat to go to Bob's Big Boy when it resided on SE 82nd and Raymond, which subsequently was across the street from The Organ Grinder. One place that forever will be ingrained into my memory however is Kern Park. Outside of the Pacific Ocean, the National Forests of Oregon and my own house and yard, I have early, very great memories of that park. As cliché as it sounds,  that is an entire post all on it's own.

Age 2 at Kern Park looking like a cross between Oliver Twist and a greaser.
  As I wandered into an age where I was able to go out into the neighborhood with friends, I discovered how lucky I was. Countless hours spent playing, scraping ourselves up, making imaginary forts in the bushes in the alleyways that were curiously scattered throughout the blocks in my neighborhood. Planned trips to Elle's Thriftway during the afternoon for candy or whatever. Going to Elle's usually garnered a visit to Phoenix Rexall right next door, to look at comics and cheap trinkets.
It's weird to look at it now, my neighborhood. To see the changes through grown eyes seems like an injustice to the memories of my younger years here. I also know that things change, they come and go. What use would a memory be after all if everything was still the same? Nothing.

One of the many alley ways by my old house. Good memories of tag and "guns" in this alley in particular.
  There are things that stick out more of course. I remember the smell of Mt. Scott's Community Pool (which wasn't always a good thing) and the skating rink. The awkward ass skating rink. It's still there, the roller rink, with it's perilous posts wrapped in matting. It's where ankles go to die. I'm purposely leaving things out here because I want subject matter for later on. Obviously, I am not simply forgetting Allen Video, Penny Saver, Essex Park, and Eastport Plaza. There are too many things to focus on. Like I said before, I don't necessarily want this to be all memories and history. Although I will touch on things from time to time of memorable places from days past.  There is a lot of great things here now. That being said, there were lot of great places that are gone now. They currently house businesses that mock the memories of my childhood.

Many tokens, time and memories here.  Now it is a Super King Buffet or something.

Thanks for coming by. Until next time.


  1. Thank you for this blog! I love your posts and love anything related to SE Portland. Please share everything and anything about Eastport Plaza! I grew up on the westside, but now live on the eastside, so I have an obsession of what Eastport Plaza used to be before Wal-Mart, the movie theater, etc.

  2. You are very welcome! Thank you for reading. I am trying to dig up as much as possible in regards to Eastport. I hope to get more things within the next month or so. Keep coming back!