Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Airport '77

  I am constantly looking for photos, through photos, and a lot of times, wishing I would have either kept or had photos of events, people and places that I don't have, or never were taken. So, obviously there are a lot of my own family photos that have stacked up along side the rest. Growing up we took a lot of photos...we still take a lot of photos. If there are 8 people at a function, there's a good chance there's at least 7 cameras there. Now, with cameras attached to almost everything, there is absolutely no hope in escaping a snap of some kind. Which is fine with me. As I go through some of the personal, or family photos, I really am glad that my family is that way. The amassed amount of photos scattered throughout my family is fantastic, no matter how funny or sometimes mundane, or even sad. I love, love, love photos.
They don't even have to be significant or beautiful. They are, quite literally, captured moments. That is what I enjoy.

Moments like these are common in Portland. This is me at age 4 in front of the house I grew up in, on SE Cora Street.

   While this space, and soon to be site evolves into whatever it might be, I didn't want to post too many, if any, of my personal or family photos. It is inevitable, however. There is no way that I can't possibly share some of these. Plus, I was born and raised here, my family is from here, and there are some things in the backgrounds of a good amount of the photos that some might find interesting, even if they do not know the people in the picture. Portlanders tend to have their own relation. That being said, from time to time there will be my photos thrown in here. In the only one I had previously posted, I "black barred" the eyes. It was for no particular reason, I guess I just didn't want to make any of it about me, or any other future contributors of posts. However, as Portlanders ourselves, it will be done.

This is one of my first, if not THE first, plane rides I went on. My mother, sister and I at PDX in 1977. I'm not sure where we were heading, but my mom's afro could have been a carry on and I look jazzed in that stroller for some reason.

As I mentioned in the previous post, while this Portlandism thing progresses, we look forward to your suggestions and/or submissions for stories of Portland. This blog and the Portlandism Facebook page (updated daily) will be updated more and more frequently so check back, or subscribe...or just stroll by. In the coming months there will be a site, Portlandism.org, made available that will replace this site. It will contain more features and will span past present, and hopefully, the future.

Once again, thank you for stopping by.

Play nice.

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