Sunday, June 12, 2011

A little, teeny bit of history.

I love Portland.

  My love for this city is unwavering. I guess in retrospect this city has been more like a surrogate parent.  All the feelings I have associated with the city I was born and raised in seem to encompass that. The wanting to leave and be apart, the missing it to tears, the frustration, the disappointment, the growth, the loss, the happiness and everything between the cracks.
   Over the years I have tried to learn as much about this ever evolving city as I possibly can. In this infinite search I have discovered a common theme: It's nearly impossible. Like a lot of cities throughout this planet, it grows in different forms and shapes. It's politics get scattered, people come and go, as do the trends. Buildings are raised and razed sometimes in the same day. Meanwhile, there are pieces of this town that are timeless, some that are untouched.
  There is rich history and enormous tragedy everywhere in the Rose City. At times they have occurred at the same place and time. While I don't have a true idea of the direction this blog will take, I have a faintly drawn 'blue-print' of sorts. I would like it to be a bit of everything in no particular order. No timeline to follow. There are many sites and books for that. I don't want to put a period on it.
I imagine it more like an amoeba like creature. The solid thing is the subject. I have no worries about that.

1960's Postcard from Portland picturing Harbor Drive. It is what is now part of Tom McCall Waterfront Park.

 I don't feel it's necessary to give a whole bio about who I am or anything. I'm not really a writer, I can tell you that. For now I think I will just post the following information about myself:

  • I was born and raised in Southeast Portland.
  • I take too many pictures.
  • I don't take enough pictures.
  • I think the Hydro-Tubes should still be running at Eastport Plaza.
  • I'll never grow out of field trips.
  • I still live in Portland.
  • I will always have a place in Portland.
Thank you for your time. Keeping coming by or follow.

Would it not be great if we could still speed uncontrollably down these contraptions inside of a quickly built structure  like a lovely 1980's mall?

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