Sunday, January 1, 2012

I haven't forgotten about this!

Hello all, welcome to the year 2012! I haven't kept up on this as much as I wanted to, life gets in the way sometimes. With the new year upon us, I plan on updating this at least once a week. Either with stories or just plain old random photos. I trust all of you are well, I hope you keep stopping by or even subscribe. For those of you on Facebook, you can find and "like" the Portlandism page. It is updated pretty frequently, with new photos, links, etc. Portlandism is also on Twitter, but I don't "tweet" that much, but it's there for you to follow.

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Just for kicks, here are some more random facts to warm up about the City of Roses:

• Benson Bubblers were created to discourage employees from drinking alcohol during working hours. Simon Benson developed the idea to put 20 of the freshwater fountains we see today, scattered throughout the city of bridges and beer, when he smelt the strong scent of alcohol in his mill one day. The workers used the excuse that there was no fresh drinking water around the city, so they were left to drink what flow from Portland taps. Once the fountains were distributed around the city, beer consumption decreased by 25%. Today there are 41 Benson Bubblers, with one in Portland’s sister city, Sapporo, Japan.

• The Pillar of Books at Powell’s Books’ NW entrance comprises eight of what Powell’s believes are the world’s great books, each titled in their original languages. The pillar includes: Mahabharata, an epic poem of India; 1000 Nights and a Night, a classic collection of Arabic Tales; Hamlet, Shakespeare’s play; War and Peace, Tolstoy’s classic; Tao te Ching, the basis of Taoism by Lao Tzu; Psalms, Hebrew poetry from the Old Testament; The Odyssey, Homer’s epic tale of the Greek world; and The Whale, the original title of Herman Melville’s Moby Dick. Around the pillar in Latin, the words, ”Buy the Book, Read the Book, Enjoy the Book and Sell the book” are written.

• The Portland Symphony is the oldest orchestra in the west, and was established in 1896.

Come back soon, there will be updates soon! Thanks, again!

Play nice.